Tuesday, March 14, 2017

EOTC Week.

What a week we've had!  From a life saving beach session at Worser Bay, to walks in the bush at Richard Prouse park  up the Gums Loop, and taking part in our Athletics program and Co operative outdoor activities at school.
To top this week off, Summer we can say is finally here!

Our week began with a trip into Wellington to work with the Surf Life Saving team in a range of beach activities on how to keep ourselves safe while at the beach.  We had a fantastic time as we learnt about different types of rips, safe areas to swim, looking at a range of safety equipment at the beach and what to do if ever we were in trouble.  The best part of this was that we had a great group of parents who came along to help us out and even went into the water with us!

On Tuesday had us take part in an exciting Athletics day where students came dressed in their house colors ready to represent and to well.  Chants, singing and dancing could be heard and seen throughout Wainuiomata.  It was great to see so may people taking part!  I would have to say the highlight was the Parents vs Students races at the end.  Our Dads worked hard and gave our Year 8 boys a great run for their money unfortunately were pipped at the end with our boys winning while our Mums took at a well deserved and convincing win against our Year 8 girls.

To top this day off we had a special visit from our Prime minister Bill English himself!

Wednesday had us completing a range of Tabloid sports which involved a range of obstacle courses and plenty of water!  Thank goodness for the change of clothes!

Thursday saw the Totara Whanau make full use of a bush walk up to the Dam and then to complete a leisurely walk through Gums Loop.  We finished off our bush walk with a range of games at the park (Soccer, Touch Rugby and Field Team Games).

Friday brought us back to school to complete our Athletics programme for our up coming Interschool Athletics day.  We finished off playing Storming the Heights which again involved water balloons, water guns, buckets of water and lots of squealing and laughter from all students and teachers.

The best part of our week would have to be us being outdoors and getting to mix and mingle across the whanau and getting to know all the teachers too.  We can't wait to see what next years EOTC week will bring!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Our class environment.

For those who have not yet managed to come down and visit our class, this is what we have been currently working on.
We are a house of learning.
We find focus when completing a range of tasks.
Our prayer area is very important to us.
The places we'll go are limitless!
 Patience enjoys exploring choice of learning.
Anna and Nethu busy collecting tasks and information for their learning.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Welcome to Totara Rua!

Welcome to Totara Rua Whanau.

Kia Ora, Talofa, Bula Vi Naka, Malo e Lelei, and warm greetings to all our families of our Totara whanau.

Welcome to our whanau group.  I am very excited to have you join your child and I on our learning journey throughout the term and year.

Our whanau group is made up of three classrooms.  Your child will not only work in their current class, but will also have the opportunity to work across the whanau with our teachers taking part in a range of learning activities.

I am fortunate enough to have a committed team of teachers who will work hard for the success of your child to achieve their learning goals.

Ms Auta can be located in Totara Tahi, and Miss O’Grady in Totara Toru.

The theme this year is ‘Taonga’.  So we will be exploring the various taonga that our students bring to our class, identifying these taonga in ourselves and also the taonga within our community and how it is important that we cherish these using our school values.

We have many exciting plans for our whanau group and you linking into our blog page will allow you a sneak peek into the day and life of a senior student in Totara Rua, so please check in regularly to see what is happening.

Fa’afetai tele

Ms Clara Tuifao